About Us

The importance of making time for you is something that Curious Clothing specialises in. 

You may be a busy mum who is constantly on the lookout for others, being the chauffeur for the kids with very little time left for you to do something fun and to look after yourself.

Imagine a clothing store that provides you not only with beautiful clothing to fit your body but also offers you the chance to come and have a personalised shopping experience with the girls?

You’ve landed on the right store!

I started Curious Clothing with the hope of making shopping easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Renee here, I own and run the store alongside my family and team of wonderful personal stylists. My husband Greg and I are both locals to the area here in Mosgiel Dunedin. 

I don’t just hand pick the clothing and brands we stock, but I also carefully select the team we employ ensuring they have the qualities to reflect the culture of our store.

It’s important to me that our friendly team greet you when you walk in, and they understand if you want to be styled or if you like to browse by yourself.

Sometimes you might even just like to come in for a chat, and that is okay too! We want to make time for everyone who comes in.

If you have had the chance to take a look inside the store, you may have noticed a few things unique to Curious Clothing.

Our Personal Shopping Parties gives you time away from the kids and the flexibility of shopping outside of regular working hours.

Enjoy a drink, browse and be styled by a personal stylist - or just try on clothes with friends in the comfort and privacy of our store after hours.

Why Personalised Shopping Parties? Because who wouldn’t want to shop like this!

Incorporating ideas that I love into the store has been fun and rewarding and I feel privileged to have such strong support which gives me the opportunity to keep growing and finding new ideas.

Opening the business at the very beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic was challenging and it may not have worked if it wasn’t for the support of the community.

With the second wave of the pandemic sweeping through our town, I hope we can continue to ride it out. As long as you are happy to keep shopping, I am happy to keep styling you!